Midland Campus Subway Order Forms

Orders are due on the Tuesday before subway day by 3:30 p.m. NO LATE ORDERS accepted.

Subway orders are now available online using PayPal. The order forms are available on the right by Subway Day. 

To place an order:
    1.    Click the order form on the right.. (Be sure you are selecting the correct date)
    2.    Select your sub size purchase with or without soup.
    3.    Select your choice of bread, with or without cheese
    4.    Select your child's teacher. (There are two drop down menus. One for preschool - kindergarren and one for 1st-5th grade)
    5.    Enter your child's FIRST and LAST name.
    6.    Click the Add to Cart button and then you can proceed to the checkout. 

To purchase additional meals: 
    1.    Click Continue Shopping and repeat the steps above.
To purchase multiple Subway days:
    1.    Click Continue Shopping.
    2.    Go back to the Subway Day Order webpage.
    3.    Select the order form by date and repeat steps 2-5 in placing your order.

(Your child's teacher and your child's full name must be completed for each item you add to your cart)

If you need further assistance, please contact Susie Buchin at (248) 674-2400 or sbuchin@waterfordmontessori.org.