Admissions / Enrollment

New Student Enrollment

Enrollment at Waterford Montessori Academy is open to all individuals who reside in the state of Michigan.  WMA will allow any pupil who was enrolled in the immediately preceding academic year to re-enroll in the appropriate age range/grade level if that grade is being offered.  If WMA receives more applications than there are spaces available, students will be selected for enrollment through a random selection drawing.

The application period for new students will last for a minimum of two weeks.  Waterford Montessori Academy will then accept applications throughout the year.  If openings occur during the year, students who have previously applied will be enrolled.  If openings do not occur, applicants will be placed on an official waiting list, which will be effective until the beginning of the next application period.  If there is no waiting list, students will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Re-enrolling Students

Parents or guardians of all currently enrolled students will be notified of the deadline for re-enrollment of their child(ren).  If the Academy’s Board has a sibling preference policy, the re-enrollment notice will also request that the parent or guardian indicate whether a sibling(s) seeks to enroll for the upcoming academic year.  An enrolled student who does not re-enroll by the specified date can only apply to WMA during the application period for new students.  An applicant on the waiting list at the time a new application period begins must reapply as a new student.